Mother Earth Monday – Recycle Yourself a Greenhouse

I ran across a project done by a number of students in Scotland some years ago. It was done as part of the Greenspaces project and involved primary school students in Moray. The project took about a thousand five hundred 2 Liter bottles and a ton of time, but the finished project is pretty stunning.
I am led to understand that Ana White did an updated version of the design, but her links for it no longer work. Still, I have a link for the original project’s PDF and if you are interested, give it a download. I would love to hear about other people taking old throw-away bottles and creating something incredible like this. Maybe you can improve on the design as well.

I know that I would like to do something like this at some point, but since my family drinks very little soda, it might be decades before we would collect enough of our own. Alternatively, I might eventually try to collect from somewhere else where the bottles get used and thrown out regularly. Either way, I wanted to share this amazing project with you. Click the link below for your own copy of the download.

Download the PDF

What are your thoughts?

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