Fiction Friday – Nighteyes Cover

In the last newsletter, I asked readers for their input on a series of potential covers. If you aren’t already getting the newsletter, you can find the form on my main page or on my blog contact page. After compiling the comments, I realized several things. First is that my readers generally prefer to send direct emails and that many do not have Twitter or Facebook accounts. Second was that there were some very good points I was not considering in the cover design.


While my name remains prominent, it is not larger than the title now. In some versions, I was testing how this would show since many authors now feature their name more obviously than the title of their books as part of their branding. The majority of people didn’t care for this as it overwhelmed the title and images.

In some, the colors were universal for areas of text, which again pulled the eyes in many directions. In one version, the eyes were larger and at the top, but this made the overall cover imbalanced. Two changes made also included a separation between my name and the eyes, making the eyes feel like they were more tied to the background and a border to keep the edges clean.

Having made all of these adjustments, I now present the cover for Nighteyes, my upcoming ebook. For those of you who are new or who don’t recall, I did a serial flash fiction here, which I then compiled, cleaned up and expanded with three additional stories. I’ve also involved an editor to make adjustments and correct errors. When the editorial process is complete, I will be making it available for 99 cents.

Yes… I know what I have said about ebook pricing, but in this case I can’t justify a larger price tag. Since anyone can read the ‘draft’ version on the site, the purchased version is so that you can access the three extra flash fiction stories within the serial and to have an edited version you can take anywhere with your via e-reader.

If anyone has further comments about the revised cover, I would love to hear them. If you don’t care to comment below, you are free to email me. I’d also love to hear from those who haven’t read the original series, what comes to their minds when they see this cover.

What are your thoughts?

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