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Want to find the latest works by D.X.Logan? Look no further. This includes more than just novels. There are also roleplaying game books. No direct articles anymore though since Suite 101 has closed.

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A sprawling place for all of my random thoughts and flights of fancy. The bonus is that there is a fair bit of useful information along with the bouts of creativity.

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The Value of a Life: Noble Sacrifice

I can only speak for myself, but certain types of story annoy me. Among them…

5 Two-Sentence Fantasy Stories

- Medusa hid quietly among the statues as the armed men searched. How long before…

Kindle of the Living Dead

Some time ago I mentioned that my kindle had stopped working. At the time, I…

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DXLoganD. X. Logan has made a point of broadening his perspective to the fullest in life. He's learned first hand a broad variety of jobs in the pursuit of knowledge. He's achieved a BA in Early Childhood Education, hiked the entire Appalachian trail in a single trip and done everything from working in a hospital to serving as a correctional officer. Each new area of life has given him a wider base of experiences to draw from when writing. He's written on many topics, crafted roleplaying games and published works of science fiction and fantasy.

The image to the upper left is D.X.Logan, a shocking revelation I am sure.