Derivative Works

Dear Readers,

I know some of you enjoy my works of fiction so much that you’ve inspired to expand on them. This might be through works of art, fan fiction or even creating online role-playing games based around those works.

I’ve invested a lot of effort into creating vibrant worlds and knowing they inspire others strongly enough they want to be a part of those worlds is flattering to the extreme. With that said, I must also be careful that I don’t lose control of those works.

Those familiar with my writing will already know I hate the idea of preventing readers from enjoying my writing in their own way. I think authors who keep overly tight reigns are hurting their work, themselves and their readers. They’re doing so out of fear. At the same time, I can’t ignore past legal ramifications relating to author interaction with derivative works from their own fiction.

As such, I’m forced to tread carefully with fan-related material. At times using greater caution than I’d personally choose. In an attempt to limit the confusion and avoid acting in a draconian manner, I’m laying out a set of guidelines to both protect both sides and allow readers to engage in fan-activities.


1. Fan Art, Fan Fiction and Fan RPGs (both online and traditional tabletop) based on literary works by D. X. Logan are permitted on a non-commercial basis only. The only exception to this is my Cryptidverse™ setting. While I retain copyright on the individual stories and books I write within that setting, anyone is free to write stories set in that universe. This includes publishing works for profit so long as proper credit is attributed to myself as the progenitor of the Cryptidverse™.

2. All due care must be taken to ensure that derivative materials can only be downloaded or accessed for personal, non-commercial uses except as noted above. Website owners supporting Fan Art, Fan Fiction or Fan RPGs must take all steps possible, including but not limited to the following: posting appropriate and prominent notices and ensuring compliance with restrictions. Any inclusion or reference to trademarked or copyrighted material must be accompanied by trademark or copyright notices indicating my ownership of the source materials. It may be advisable to consult with an attorney about internet and online law, along with the rules governing trademark notices and copyright. Fair use laws do apply.

3. Recognizing that many readers take advantage of free web space displaying banner ads as a requirement, I do not consider those required ads to be ‘commercial use’. This includes ads that may contain click-through sales as a feature. This allowance only extends to sites where displaying the ads is a condition of securing the web space and the creator of the site is not using it to sell (or assist others in selling) merchandise related to works derived from my intellectual properties.

4. Sites operated by fans are not ‘licensed’ by D. X. Logan and are not approved by D. X. Logan. They do not create an agency or joint venture relationship with D. X. Logan, even though they are maintained with his allowance. This also holds true for Boundless Allegory Press.

5. Participation on sites promoting Fan Art, Fan Fiction or Fan PRGs can only exist if it is entirely free for the participants. Membership fees or other charges are expressly forbidden and may not be levied in connection with such sites.

6. At one time, I had the policy that I would never read any unsolicited material, view websites, etc. if they were related to my own works. This was to protect myself from accusations. While I will not seek these works out, I have changed my policy as follows: Any manuscript, image, or other form of derivative work sent to me is fine. However, bringing these to my attention means you are accepting that you have no right to any future works that happen to share similar traits to said work. I have no intention of stealing anyone’s ideas. That said, coincidences do happen and one particularly well-known case led to legal issues with an author who’d already written something by the time they read a fan fiction and the fan attempting legal action. If our visions for the future of an IP are similar, awesome. That said, sending it to me means you will not seek credit, compensation, or acknowledgment as having been involved in my own writing. (Redux: The fact that you ‘shipped’ two of my characters in your fan-fic doesn’t mean I owe you compensation if they happen to get together in one of my books.)

7. I’ll not be policing pornographic content derived from my intellectual property. That said, I ask you to please keep authorial intent in mind and be respectful of the works I’ve created.


1. Those fans who’ve read my books don’t need a reminder about what is and isn’t possible within the worlds I have created. I would request, but will not require, that you stay true to the observed and implicit rules of these worlds. This is a simple measure of respect for the works I’ve created. However, I won’t insist on conformity to these world restrictions.

2. I would ask that if you’re creating derivative works based on my own, that you exercise good taste. With this said, I won’t interfere with the internal affairs of fan websites. I won’t intervene in disputes, nor manage fan sites in any way other than to enforce the stated rules.


1. I reserve the right, at any time, to alter these rules, guidelines, and caveats without prior notice.

2. Fans who operate websites must understand and accept that they are solely liable for the content of their site. Boundless Allegory Press and D. X. Logan assume no responsibility for any site, for their operating policies, activities or administration.

3. If you have a fan-run page and request that I do so, I will add it to a list of links at the end of this page. As stated above, I have no association with these sites and do not review their content unless violations of my rules are brought to my attention. The list exists solely to create the opportunity on behalf of fans to discover online fan resources and share their own. No site is required to register with me in order to exist, so long as it does not violate any of the stated rules.

4. Should the rights to any literary work by D. X. Logan be sold or granted for game, film, television or other media use, licensees may execute their option to restrict derivative works by fans. While I can do nothing to prevent these restrictions from affecting fan sites, I will notify the licensees of the list of sites known to be in compliance with my stated restrictions. I will encourage the licensees to permit such sites to continue as they already have. While it is unlikely that further restrictions will occur, I feel it is best to make this clear outright.

Hopefully, these rules and guidelines will offer protection for both myself and my readers. It is my great desire for fans to explore the worlds I’ve created and fully engage with them.


D. X. Logan

What are your thoughts?

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