Ribs and Seeds

In keeping with last week’s Monday post, I was thinking of offering up a new recipe. To this end, I picked up a rack of ribs and sifted through my series of test recipes. I found one that had the simplicity I often aim for, but also seemed to offer a lot of flavor. Rather than a BBQ sauce, this was going to be a dry rub.


I gathered up the materials and carefully measured and mixed. Since this was going to be my baseline, I didn’t adjust the numbers at all. Where I did make changes was in the cooking method. The recipe was meant for a grill, but I wanted something that would work in both a grill and oven equally well.

The results? Mixed at best. I think the flavors weren’t bad, but not up to my standards. The cooking method worked amazingly well, but I think the rub was a bit too thick and it made for an unpleasant mouth-feel for me. The recipe can be great. It’s almost there in fact. I’m probably going to modify the salt, refined sugar and brown sugar levels some on the next attempt. I’m also going to add an additional step to the cooking to help caramelize the surface a bit more.

That means no recipe for now on this one, but the next time I am doing a large amount of pork, you can bet I am going to be giving it another shot. If my adjustments work, you’ll be seeing a dry rub pork rib recipe that will have everyone licking their lips and asking for more. Where am I going to be going on Mondays until then?


I’ve been giving it a lot of thought and I think a good direction to go would be doing seed company profiles for some of the seed companies I think are in keeping with many of my own ideals. I’d like to make it into a Mother Earth Monday series where each post is dedicated to its own company and each following the same format of things like pros and cons. If I’m really lucky, I can talk a few of the companies into offering discounts to my readers!

Be looking for the series to begin sometime next week or the one after. I think the gardeners, homesteaders and permaculturalists among my readership are all in for a treat. Even if you don’t garden, consider following the series. Many of these companies offer plants that do very well for urban container gardens. Even just a single small patio can produce something amazing for you. Give it a shot and explore some of the amazing varieties of seeds out there.

What are your thoughts?

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