Regular Postings

Where to begin

I have been considering a schedule of writing that will not be too infrequent, but also will not eat my limited time. I have a tendency to write on a broad spectrum of topics based on whatever is striking me at a given moment.

With this in mind, I think I have worked out a reasonable schedule of writing to begin in the near future. It involves a minimum of three blog posts a week and each on a specific day. The posts on each day will flow within a given sphere of topics. The list will be as follows:

Mother Earth Mondays

This will be a range of topics to include such things as survival, homesteading, camping, backpacking and any other outdoor topic that strikes me. Since many of my recipes are focused largely on local, homegrown and sustainable menus, many of them may end up making an appearance on this day also. Generally these will be in the layout of an article I imagine, but I will have to see how the flow progresses once I begin them.

Writer’s Wednesdays

Wednesdays will focus on aspects of the writing business. Sometimes quick tips, sometimes things going on in the background of my writing. Other times it might be discussion on some topic like noteworthy agents, publishers, etc. Realistic world-building will probably be a subject for this day as well. I suspect a number of these will be shorter posts, but something well worth watching if a reader is interested in the world of writing and potential authorship themselves.

Fiction Fridays

This one is wide open. It might be short stories and flash fiction, poetry, exerts from my own works, or other similar things. I believe I will also include book reviews and writing prompts for possible story ideas. Sometimes it will be information relating to one of my works of fiction that was not directly seen in the work itself, but existed as an influence in the background (read setting information).

Random Days

Not everything that strikes my fancy will fall into one of these broad brushed days, so at any point in the rest of the week I might post on other matters. Recipes not fitting well into the Mother Earth Monday scheme will fall on other days. Opinion pieces and advice will happen randomly. Those may include some personal situation that I feel the need to talk about. Game design talk of course may show up and then there are works relating to my artistic side. If something feels like I should blog about it, it will be blogged about.

Moving Forward

It is my hope that by setting up a regular schedule, I will stay active in blogging without limiting my other writing work and will be able to offer a solid scheme for those who are interested in a specific topic area. Obviously those most interested in the outdoors will be watching their RSS more closely on Mondays. Those who came to my blog because they enjoyed my works of fiction will be paying closer attention on Fridays. And of course, you may just find that you enjoy the blog as a whole regardless of why you came here initially. I hope each of you finds something of interest to you and a good reason to subscribe. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read as much as you have already.

What are your thoughts?

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