Of Pain, Seeds and Tomatoes

Vegetable Market

I’ve suffered a plasma donation related injury today that makes it very difficult to type. I’d intended to begin the seed company series today, but instead let me just apologize for my partial incapacitation and to mention another project that is going to begin appearing periodically on Mondays. I’ve mentioned it distantly in the past, but starting very soon it is going to move into full effect.

In the next week or two, I’ll be starting my experiments to discover a method of direct sowing tomatoes that can hold its own against the coddled seeds started indoors. I’ll be pretty scientific in my methodology, creating a control group and at least two test groups. I’ll have clear vectors of success and plan to avoid quirks in the seeds by not only using the same variety, but also by making sure the seeds all come from the same batch.

I still need to buy some things to do it right, but once I do, this is going to be something I think everyone can enjoy. If I succeed, I’ll have a set of guideposts for starting tomatoes directly in the garden that will do as well as your volunteers.

Now, since my arm is throbbing, I am going to depart for now. I’m hoping my arm is better by Wednesday, but even if it isn’t, I’m sure I’ll be good enough by next Monday to carry on with business as usual.

What are your thoughts?

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