5 Western Two-Sentence Stories

This set of ultra-short flash fiction, I decided to expand myself into a western theme. It turned out a little harder than these usually are, but I think the results were pretty good. It would probably be easier if I read and watched westerns more often.

  • The church bell tolled noon as the two men faced one another in the open street.12 shots later, nothing was settled except a draw on whose aim was worse.
  • Bart laughed so hard he could hardly speak, “Guess he didn’t have an extra ace!”
    Clyde stepped over to the slumped body and looked down at the cards, a dead man’s hand.
  • “Why is the interest so high on a loan just to start a tavern, are they really that high risk?”
    “You’ve obviously not been in these parts long have you?”
  • The Cree warrior wiped the red from his knife in the tall grass. He sometimes wondered if these pale people from the East cared nothing for their own lives to trespass in such small, exposed groups.
  • “I figure them injins is long gone, so we’re fine usin this house.”
    She hesitated, then went back to burying the skeletal remains of the former owners.
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