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Do you really know where those seeds came from?

Do you really know where those seeds came from?

Sure, it is easy to say you don’t buy from big companies like Dow and Monsanto, but how true is it? I think a lot of people assume that the company that stood for tradition in their youth may have long ago been sold off to one of the bigger companies. Sure, it still has the same name and beautiful pictures in their catalog, but they now offer up a blend of familiar favorites along side GMO products. If you don’t care, stop reading now.


If you do care, it could be worth it to take a look at this link. They have some great visuals on how companies have been consumed by larger ones and now serve to disperse seeds for those companies while feeding funds towards products that the buyer may not realize they are helping fund. At some point, I would like to offer up a list of some of my favorite seed companies along with a more in depth list of numerous seed companies unassociated with companies like Monsanto.


Some of them hold an amazing quality standard. Some also show rather clearly how things like GMO corn are infecting all other crops even in the most remote areas. Some companies have had their options to offer on heirlooms limited severely due to so many crops testing GMO positive. No amount of effort seems to be stopping the tide of unwanted invasion. It is even more frustrating when you realize that the growers of the corn in question not only lose their entire crop and historical breeds, but can also be sued by the same companies who destroyed their plants!


Anyway, take a look at the link below and draw your own conclusions about how the companies have changed over time and how the variety of options on major seed providers has diminished with the passage of time.


Seed Industry Structure Chart

What are your thoughts?

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