Fiction Friday – A Visitor


The children had left toys in the yard again. It didn’t seem to matter how many times she said they needed to bring them in after playing, There were always a few left out there. It was supposed to rain tonight, so Sarah hurriedly tossed on a robe, then went out and gathered them all up in her arms. A small glowing pebble caught her eye in the waning light and she quickly pocketed it as well. Part of one of their night toys no doubt.

Inside, she hung the robe back up and went to the toy shelf in the kitchen. It wasn’t until she was putting them all up that she noticed the strange metal oval among the blocks and dolls she had snatched up in her haste. It bulged a bit in the middle, but was relatively flat in that direction. It reminded her of a giant silver tic-tak picture that had been fattened at the center to add a third dimension. On one side, right at the center of that bulge, was a tiny hole that seemed to be filled with wires.

It was odd. Maybe someone’s remote controlled toy had a piece broken off of it. Without thinking much more of it, she set it on the top shelf with the thought to check with the neighbors tomorrow. Turning out the light, she thought she saw something flash from that direction as she stepped through the door. Hesitating to look back, she assured herself it was just her tired eyes and went off to the living room for the night.

After seeing the children off to school the next day, Sarah noticed that the odd metal object was no longer laying tilted on the top shelf. Instead, it was now propped on four thin rods that seemed to be a part of it. Odd, but maybe the light from yesterday had been sparks from some automated system firing in the little toy.

She grabbed it down and set it on the kitchen counter. Something fluttered next to her face and she absently swatted the air. A moment later it returned, but this time coming from the opposite side of the counter. The bug was small, but looked strange and seemed more like a tiny dragonfly than a fly from the way it moved in the air.

It landed at the base of the object. She started to raise her hand, but curiosity got the better of her and she leaned down to study it before nearly falling in her rush backwards. That … was no bug!

“What is it?” She mumbled to herself, afraid of the answer.

Slowly she came near again as a tiny piece of the metal object angled down and the ‘bug’ flew in. She crouched, tilting her head level with the opening to see if she could get a better look and again almost fell as the creature reappeared out of the opening. It made several faint sounds before using a thin appendage to extend a tiny orb. An image of a glowing sphere identical to the one she had found the night before appeared in the air before her.

“I have to be losing my mind.” But she went to where her robe was hanging and snatched the little ‘pebble’ from the pocket. “Insane. I have to be insane.” Her eyes fixed on the little thing before she returned to the kitchen.


Sarah’s children were all grown up now. After the little being had left with it’s ship, she’d decided to never tell anyone about it. After this long, she’d mostly convinced herself it was just a strange dream.

Her surprise at turning on the TV today to see her own face on the news was extreme. The president was asking for help in finding ‘this woman’ who the visitors from another planet had insisted be the earth’s emissary.

“Insane. I am definitely insane.” She thought wryly.

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