Mother Earth Monday – The Other Persimmons

For anyone who has eaten and enjoyed the persimmons found in the stores or even off of the trees commonly sold, then this might be of interest to you. Wild Persimmon and other astringent varieties often have to be utterly ripe and/or heavily frosted by the winter before you can take a bite.

Those who have tasted them in any other state can attest to just how mouth drying the effect is. It is described, in my opinion accurately, as feeling like your mouth is dried out and filled with cotton. So why would you ever care about these varieties?

Sure it is easier to plant the more domesticated version, but what about if you already have some of the astringent varieties growing? What if you want to make sure others aren’t gathering off of your trees for some reason? What if you just wanted something different from what you can get in the store?

I came across this article some time ago and have to say it is an elegant solution to the matter. An ancient method of dealing with the fruit can be applied to modern times. Even better, the taste is quite enjoyable. It is certainly something very different than you have probably had before.

Interested? Then just click on the article below and read over the information and instructions. I hope you find it as enlightening and entertaining as I have.

How to Turn Astringent Persimmons into Enchanting Natural Confections, Japanese Style

What are your thoughts?

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