Mother Earth Monday – Grow Your Own Drugs

Grow your own drugsSome of you may be familiar with James Wong, but I expect a number of you are not. He is an ethnobotanist who did a short series on BBC 2 titled the same as this posting. No, it isn’t about growing illegal drugs. It was about understanding how herbalist lore still has a place in our modern age.

I enjoyed the series, though found myself unhappy about the brevity of it. He spends time talking about the properties of a plant and then follows by showing how to create various herbal medicines. Wong even goes so far as to offer them up for trail by those who would be most likely to use them and is honest about the results. From the start, he is clear that not every solution is going to work for every person.

Below, I am including links to the Youtube videos of the show. If you enjoy them, I would suggest you consider purchasing the series on DVD for yourself or Wong’s book set of the same name as the show. I always encourage the support of those who create things of interest and quality after all. You can also check out some of his other activities on his website.

Grow Your Own Drugs, Series 1

Grow Your Own Drugs, Series 2

The Books

Book 1

Book 2

The DVDs

Series 1

Series 2

What are your thoughts?

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