Game Chef 2015


It’s that time again! The Game Chef competition has begun as of today and will continue to the 21st. You may recall that last year I was involved in the competition and that from that competition, I developed the game of Generations. It was a blast and even though I didn’t place, I think I developed out some very interesting ideas as a result of being involved.

This year, the theme and ingredients have proven to be a much tougher setup than those of past years. The theme is “A Different Audience” and is largely defined as creating a game for an audience you’d never normally have created it for. The ingredients they chose to go along with this unusual theme do not at all align at first glance. They are abandon, dragonfly, stillness and dream. As always, two to three ingredients must be included as part of the overall game design.

I am really going to have to flex my creativity this year to come up with a working game in the amount of time given over to the task. As before, I would encourage anyone reading this to go ahead and participate. It is a free event and a great variation of writing exercises.

What are your thoughts?

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