An Interesting Webinar


You’ve heard (read?) me talk about Holly Lisle before. She has tons of great lessons for writers and a huge number of free resources. One of the latest has been part of a series of webinars where she answers questions from authors and those who aspire to be authors. It was loaded with great advice, so I urge you to follow the link below and watch! If you end up liking what you see, feel free to follow my affiliate link and sign up for her newsletter. You’ll find a lot of free or inexpensive things that are highly valuable and if you end up deciding to take some of her paid classes, they can really be helpful on improving aspects of your writing. I’m not going to ramble on further. Sure I could say a lot more, but this webinar recording is over an hour long and I don’t expect you to read a long post right beforehand.

Here’s the link to the webinar!

What are your thoughts?

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