Fiction Friday – Iron Game Chef 2014

Today begins the Iron Game Chef challenge for this year. Nine days until completion when the judging begins. It has grown from it’s small beginnings in 2002 so that it is now a major international competition. The prize is bragging rights and a lot of traffic to your game. It can be a big boost to your other game properties and as an added bonus, you retain all rights and can later publish a more formal version of the game if you wish.

Consider this your writing prompt for the week. This year’s theme is “There is no book” and the ingredient words are Absorb, Wild, Sickle and Glitter. You must include the theme of course along with 2 to 3 of the ingredients as major components of the game. No book this time is mostly defined as not having a rule book. This is a pretty major limitation on an RPG, since even the simplest games tend to have some form of pamphlet book for the basic rules. However, you are able to interpret the theme however you might like, so there are a lot of options.

If you want to get involved, the website is located here. Next week I will probably be posting on the progress I may have made along with a link to whatever I have come up with if it is in a form that can be linked by that stage. Good luck to everyone who decides to get involved!

What are your thoughts?

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