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Book Category: Games

Weighing Styx and Stones

My 2018 Game Chef game. Two players wrestle with the choices made in the life of the recently deceased.

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Bordering On Success

A cooperative permaculture card game written for the 2017 Game Chef competition. The game can be played alone or as…

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Our world is intricately connected through phones and social media. Despite our connectivity, it can be incredibly difficult to get…

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Dreams of Dragonflies

A 2015 Game Chef Finalist. Our dreams take form in the misty web of sleep. Symbols strung together in ways…

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Humanity depleted the earth’s petroleum, poisoned the air and sky, but they also moved beyond their crutch. They found new…

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The Cursed

Monumental power is a mixed blessing. The same thing that gives you power is the thing that is slowly eating…

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