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Our world is intricately connected through phones and social media. Despite our connectivity, it can be incredibly difficult to get everyone together and play games. Lacking a way to get together regularly is no reason not to have a fun game going. It may seem strange, but even on Twitter there can be role playing opportunities.

Tweetcryption is a game QR code-based role-playing game, played through twitter. Two players work together to create an improvisational story. Followers of either player may observe as a theatrical sketch. Watching the story, the sketch seems like a dance between the two participants. Others may even ‘cut in’ to splinter off a new dance in a different direction. Each new sketch is a dance unto itself. This is because of the branching nature of conversations on Twitter.

Current 2016 Game Chef entry

I’ve read countless game and this is the first time I ever saw a game trying to use technology as it’s medium rather than a gimmick.
– Competition Review

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