Writer’s Glut

Some people suffer from writer’s block. Others of us suffer from what I like to call writer’s glut. This is where you have all sorts of ideas, but are unable to get them out. Not because you lack the inspiration, but rather because time or other restraints keep you from being free to write it all down.


With ideas that are fairly small, you can just jot a few sentences down in a notebook and come back to them as time allows. I do encourage this sort of idea book, but what about ideas that are just too big for explaining in a quick note? Here is where the modern age has offered a great solution.

Open up a new document and save it with a name relating to the idea. As time allows, add details in whatever organization works best for you. Jot notes about the characters, the plot, the twists and the setting. If something new comes to your head a month later, go back and take a minute to add it. This method offers you a way to get some of the extra ideas out of your head.

Having them written down has two benefits. First, you can turn your focus more fully on the current project. Second is that it creates a library of ideas you can pull for your next project that already have part of the plotting work done on them.

New writers may not have any current project. If you suffer from writer’s glut and don’t know which project should get your attention, write them all out as outlined above. Once you have them all out on paper, try to listen to your gut on what to start with. Which story calls to you? Which one is it that you absolutely love? Having a strong passion for a particular story means you will be more focused and able to see it through.

I don’t tend to suffer from writer’s block, but writer’s glut attacks me frequently. This is especially true with my current day job and life in general. This is how I handle it and I sincerely hope that this method proves useful to a number of you. Good luck with your writing.

What are your thoughts?

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