Some people have asked about the image I have created for my main website. While I have taken the time to explain it somewhat in my FAQ section, there are still people who ask about it from time to time. I figure anyone reading my fiction is going to be tuning in today, so this seems like the perfect time to broach the topic. For that matter, it is suited to Fiction Friday anyway.


Her name is Droya. The novel she is going to appear in as the primary character is still a work in progress, but she is something akin to a personal mascot. The idea for her story was the first time I had considered writing professionally. Even though the idea was shelved for a while, the return of her story has represented a transition from casual writing into professional.

The journey she suffers in the novel is a hard one, filled with doubts. My own journey has been a doubtful thing at times as well. I’ve struggled with being short on funds. I’ve fought to find a private space to work. I have had to claw at Chronos himself just to find the time free to work on what must be accomplished. Who I am has fundamentally changed from who I was before I began the journey.

When the first novel of her story is completed, it will be something special to me. Because of these things, she was the perfect person to represent my writing. She is seen only in silhouette, stepping from a bright archway. To me, this is both a sense of mystery and a symbol of works forming from inspiration. Birthed from my imagination and having life breathed into the ideas by my writing.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it looks interesting. One can’t discount aesthetics after all. Anyway, I hope you’ve found value in this little exploration of my site header and that it offers a little more depth to what you read when you visit me.

What are your thoughts?

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