Writer Wednesday – Avoiding the Worst Mistake in Writing

I haven’t spoken much about her lately, but you may have noticed that one of the only links on my site that leads externally and which is a permanent part of the blog sidebar is the link to Holly Lisle’s site. I have always been forthright in that following that link does benefit me in that if you decide to purchase any of her courses, I receive a portion of that purchase price. This said, it is only spent in getting to do more of her courses. I would never include any link I don’t personally vouch for, which may explain the very short list of links so far!

It is about time I reminded you why I love her site so much. She has free courses, an amazingly helpful newsletter and a number of very low cost courses that have proven to be more than worth the cost. Below, I am going to attach a link to a little three minute audio on avoiding one of the worst mistakes in writing. Bonus points that it happens to be offered with a touch of humor.

What are your thoughts?

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