Mother Earth Monday – Sustainability and You

While not everyone will agree with my opinion here, it is my estimation that the average person is never going to change the way they live on behalf of polar bears or obscure species dying off. They aren’t going to ‘go green’ based on an unprovable estimation of future events. Climate change isn’t going to change most people’s minds either, assuming that a person accepts it as a fact to begin with.

As was the case with my thoughts regarding self-sufficiency, I think most people are looking at it all wrong. Sustainable practices, food storage and harmony with one’s environment are matters of immediate and present gains. What influence most people’s views are the things that affect them in the here and now.

As Mother Earth Monday continues on this blog, I will try to touch regularly on how doing what is best for the environment and doing what it takes to be sustainable are also immediately beneficial to you as well. Even if you have absolutely zero belief in any views of a horrible future or in the man-caused disasters looming, you should be able to take away information that will greatly impact your overall well being and happiness. Often it will also save you money in the long run.

Not every article will touch on such matters. Obviously a few will be general, such as this one is. Others will touch on matters of hiking and outdoor activities as was previously noted. In the near future I plan a review of Larabar products. Still, at least a third will probably relate back to self-sufficiency and sustainability. I may even begin posting on a small project for living on exceptionally little income without sacrificing comfort.

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