Fiction Friday – I’ll Be With You Still

She rested her head there,

Her face pressed to my own withered hand.

Her eyes were full of tears,

She couldn’t understand.

Granddaughter don’t cry.”

I offered at last.

Grandfather, why?”

How can you be so calm that your life’s about to pass.”

I hurt of course,

But I am at peace.

Though my voice feels quite horse,

I accept that my life will cease.

My life has been good,”

My family great.”

I’ve done all the things I could,”

And followed through with the full of my fate.”

I watched her not understand,

I wanted to ease her pain.

Thoughts through my mind swiftly ran,

And I tried once again to explain.

Everyone dies,”

Some old and some young.”

Whatever one tries,”

Eventually we’re all stung.”

I had more than most,”

I’ve felt many joys,”

If I must be a ghost,”

Then I face it with poise.”

Remember me this way,”

Remember great things in my life.”

Ignore faults if you may,”

Forget all the strife.”

I’ll be with you now.”

I’ll be with you still.”

Don’t ask just how,”

But trust that I will.”

I would have said more,

Those words were my last.

The light seems so pure,

Then this world has passed.

What are your thoughts?

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