Success vs Fame

Way too many writers dream about being famous and get so frustrated after a book or two that they just stop writing altogether. Half the time they aren’t making enough back to account for what they put in early on. I’ve known some of these authors. Worse is that even if they manage some level of financial success, they aren’t truly happy unless they reach that lofty goal.

Stop it! You might become famous, you might not. You can do everything right and still never find fame. You could do lots of things wrong and wind up famous. Some of it is what we write, some of it is what we do, and some of it is pure dumb luck. Having the right person read your book at the right time. We can only control what it is we are doing, so focus on that and be happy with success.

Success is where you manage to achieve logical goals. Having X number of books published (pro-tip: Ten seems to be a magic number for increasing popularity), making enough per month that your basic bills are all taken care of without the need for a second job, making enough that you have a savings growing each month steadily. Managing to even complete a single novel can be a huge success depending on how busy your life is.

Do your best work, strive always to improve your skills and put out work you are proud of. You’ll find the readers who love what you write and eventually find ever greater success. If luck favors you, you’ll find fame as well. Just don’t go pulling your hair out trying to get to that last one.

What are your thoughts?

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