Mother Earth Monday – You Only Get One

Bear with me on this. It is a rant of sorts, but also tied to the Monday topic as well. You might have noticed I don’t use Facebook much. I don’t really like social media. I have adapted over time to accept social media, but accepting there can be a value to something and actually liking it are different things.

Every day, at least ten people pop up on there pushing some cause or another. Many of them are noble enough. Save the abused animals, help cure cancer, save the endangered purple slime snail. You name it, there is someone who feels strongly about it. That is fine. The thing is, realize you really only get one cause.

You can’t commit yourself to a large number of causes without doing a disservice to all of them. Even splitting yourself between two can be ineffective unless you have excessive time and funds to pour into the cause. This is why I so often pass on touting otherwise worthy causes. If I push every worthy thing I find, everyone will begin to ignore my postings about such things.

You surely have a friend online or in regular life who is always begging that you care about this cause or that. At first, you may have felt strong sympathy for the worthy cause they were displaying, but over time as the list of others appeared that changes. Eventually it becomes sighs, eye rolls and avoidance.

Care about everything worthy, but remember that you only really get one cause. One thing that is above all others for devoting an effort into. For me, this is why I have Mother Earth Monday in the first place. Every person I help use less chemicals is a win. Every time someone thinks about ways to live sustainably, it is a success. With this one cause, I am fighting all sorts of diseases, cancer, animal cruelty and any number of things in various ways. Some of those ways are direct, some are indirect.

I figure that my own chosen cause actually encompasses any number of other causes in its own way. Think for a while about the things that matter to you. Consider what your top two or three causes are and how they relate to one another. Is there something among them that stands out? Is there one cause that covers all of them in a blanket of its own nature? Pick your one cause and go with it using everything you have.

My own cause, if it wasn’t clear is that of true sustainability and symbiculture. Opening as many eyes as I can to the possibility of living just as comfortably as you do now while making far less of a negative impact.

What are your thoughts?

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