Mother Earth Monday – Companion Planting Chart


A while ago, I came across this little list and thought it could be useful for some people. If you aren’t aware of what companion planting is, it is where you concentrate on planting certain species of plant near or among one another so that the qualities of one compliment the other. Some of it has to be taken with a grain of salt where one species tends to grow out of sync with another. If you are growing in a greenhouse, all’s fair. If not, just be aware that some things will grow in stages that don’t align properly to get companion planting benefits in all areas.


Companion Planting PDF


If, after reading this, you find it interesting then I hope you’ll take some time to check a few books on the subject from your local library. Companion plants and plant guilds can be extremely useful for small scale gardeners or those who are trying to grow organic or better vegetables.

What are your thoughts?

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