Fiction Friday – Writing Exercise 3

This should be fun. I’ve been considering this for a while as something fun to try. Today’s writing exercise is to write a story in First Person, Future Tense in the Character Voice. Why did I just capitalize those? So you’d have an easier time picking them out again later. This exercise requires you to use no less than three separate points in time, but in reverse chronology.

This means that scene three happened first, scene two happened second and scene one (the one you start the story with) actually happened last. You have to work very hard to convey both that it has is working in reverse and that it hasn’t yet happened. More importantly, you’ll have to work out precisely what sort of story you want to write from the outset. The obvious choice is some sort of time travel related story or else a story where there would be no suspense if you knew the beginning in the normal order.

If you need a refresher on things, revisit the Coming To Terms series. Specifically, my articles on Narrative Perspective, Narrative Voice and Narrative Tense. It was a three-part series known as Narrative Mode for those of you who are new to the blog.

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