Thematic Titles

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Yes, I am well aware that this is supposed to be Mother Earth Monday. I’m interrupting the typical schedule again because I am batting around thoughts and need to put the ideas forward for my readers. You can comment here, send me email or otherwise inform me however you are comfortable with. For the last few dozen entries, I have been wondering if I should still be putting thematic titles in place.

That isn’t to say the theme of the day won’t still be there, but rather just that the title won’t hold a preface phrase. I’ve been looking at titles both ways and honestly feel like having the subject matter front and center holds more impact. Alternatively, having the start of the title be thematic has had the advantage of making moments when I did something unusual stand out. Additionally, you could always tell what the general theme of the article would be.

I don’t think there is a right answer, but I’d like to hear from my readers on what they think. Do you really like the themed titles? Have they always been a turn-off for you on wanting to click the link? Is it something you’ve never even really thought about? Depending on people’s responses, I may make some changes. If I do, I’ll track the results and see if it creates a noticeable change in traffic. If so, I’ll bend to those results. If not, I will just go with what people seem to like more. As I said, get in touch and let me know your thoughts.

What are your thoughts?

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