Fiction Friday – 5 Two-Sentence Horror Stories III

Five more two-sentence horror stories to fit the season. I hope I’ve spread out the variety well enough to touch a bit of fear into almost any heart.

“You’ve crafted the scariest haunted house ever; especially the hanging corpse!”
“What hanging corpse?”


That sad look in a child’s eyes was always the hardest part of this job.
It didn’t change the fact that her people needed the parts, so she pressed the recycle button.


Another bitch chatting him up and inviting him home only to push him away. She, on the other hand, couldn’t hear the voices in his head that led to his hands around her throat..


Power gone and the submersible slowly drifting deeper, Sam couldn’t decide. Was it worse to run out of oxygen and suffocate, or to be crushed by ocean pressure?


There’s nothing quite like seeing your cherished wife waiting in the bedroom when you come home. Then again, that’s probably true of coming home to find any dug-up corpse in the bedroom.

What are your thoughts?

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