Dreams Of Dragonflies Update 11-8-15

I thought everyone would like an update on the progression of Dreams of Dragonflies. For new readers, that is the Game Chef entry that made finalist this year. The game is almost entirely visual, so rather than being able to write in my spare moments, I have to wait for time with my computer to work in photoshop.


This makes for slow going, but it is certainly improving the quality of the visuals. I have a number of aspects done, but still have a way to go yet. I figured that I should at least offer you a quick glimpse of how much the product is being improved.


Below is a view of the game tiles, before and after. Obviously I have added a new symbol and don’t yet have the arrow indicators in place yet. The quality of the image is greatly improved and I think lends itself to a more immersive feel. I also made a point of having land and water only join at corners, so that cards look more natural when joined together.




What do you think of the changes?

What are your thoughts?

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