Writer Wednesday – Flash Fiction

You may have noticed that Fiction Friday has included some flash fiction. Prior to starting this blog, I had done almost no flash fiction. You may also have noticed the link for Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways courses on the right hand side of the blog. Those two facts are not unrelated.

I have taken a couple of courses so far from the site and all have proven to be powerful tools in my writing toolbox. If you are reading my Wednesday postings regularly, you are probably interested in adding to your own writing toolbox as well. Lucky for you, Holly is a proponent of putting her money where her mouth is and offers a free course.

When she decided to put her former free course up on e-book format, it required a price-tag be added. At the time, she was intending to step away from teaching in favor of full-time writing again. When she realized that she didn’t want to give up teaching, she created a new course to serve as the free example of what you can learn from her.

The course in question is called How to Write Flash Fiction That Doesn’t Suck. I don’t pass up a chance at any of her courses when I can afford them and everyone can afford free. Just a few lessons, spread over several weeks and I had everything I needed to feel confident in writing flash-fiction with regularity and not feel like it was meaningless chunks of underdeveloped story.

So, what does that mean for you. Well, first is that it costs nothing, so you have nothing to really lose. Second is that it lets you get a feel for the kind of writing courses offered by Holly and decide if they might not be something you would like to pursue. Lastly, she adds a bonus at the end of the course that leads you to places where you can go to have your flash fiction published!

So if you might like to try your hand at flash-fiction or improving your fiction stories in that format, why not follow the link in the post above or go through the link to the right of the screen. I can speak from personal experience that it is well worth the time and beyond the scope of the non-existent cost.

What are your thoughts?

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