Update 4/26/15

Where in the world have I been the last two weeks? So we all know writers have day jobs unless they have hit that sweet spot in their careers. Having not yet hit that spot, I have to still pay most of my bills through another activity.

I am now in training for a job that will nearly double the rate of pay and hours I work at the same time to allow for paying down some old debts and improving the living conditions for my family. It also means training several hours away from home with minimal internet access for weeks at a time. I still have two more weeks of training away from home and then further training locally. When it is all said and done, I should hopefully be back onto my normal writing schedule, but I don’t yet know what my hours will be specifically.

Most likely I will be working the evening shift, which means my old pattern for writing times will have to change. I will keep you updated on the matter. Seeing as we are moving further into spring, I may stop the series on seed companies for this year and renew it again next year. Not sure yet. Input on that would be greatly appreciated.

What are your thoughts?

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