Thoughts of Fall

Sorry that I’ve been absent the last little bit. Despite having noted that I would begin soon, a bout of ill health had other plans for me. I’m back in top shape again however and ready to go. We find ourselves in the early moments of the fall and all of the trappings that go along with it.

This week I am picking up several heirloom squash and have already been gifted with a huge flush of apples. Apple pies, custardy apple squares and any number of apple dishes abound. As the leaves turn colors, I find my thoughts tend to drift to memories of my youth. Among those memories of this time of year is that of spending time with the scout troop survival camping.


Those were my first experiences with survival and I had a great deal of fun with them. Through the years, I learned and grew into someone who has been able to effectively train others. When I started, however, I was the kid who couldn’t start a fire even with a box of matches. Practice was the key, but without those regular campouts, I doubt I would have had a reason to keep practicing.

If you are inexperienced, the fall is a great time to learn about survival. The weather is cooling, so you tend not to have such major extremes to contend with. Animals abound, making it easier to study their behavior and to learn to track. With all of the falling leaves, debris hut shelter building is far simpler for a novice. Add to all of that the fact that you can find an abundance of edible things and it works out to be a great time of the year to be a novice.

When you have a little more practice under your belt, go ahead and pick any time of the year. Each season has its own unique aspects after all. Still, this is the time of the year when just about anyone can begin to get a grasp on survival and taking a survival campout can be a really valuable experience. Give it a shot if you haven’t already.

What thoughts does the fall season bring for you? What experiences are drawn to the front of your mind as the colors change and the air cools?

What are your thoughts?

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