The Write Tools 2: Readers Meet Writers


Holly Lisle, whom I have spoken about in the past and whose link you may notice as one of the few included on my site, is currently working on a project I think many readers and writers alike will be interested in. The site is Readers Meet Writers and it is still in beta (honestly still alpha, but why quibble about it), but already shows some promise.

I have included a link to the site here for anyone who is interested in joining in on the early work of getting it going. You provide input on the sorts of things you would like and what you could offer and in return you’ll get the benefits of founder status. The site is set to be free and highly focused on usefulness so that both sides are gaining from the exchange. Best of all, it is hopefully going to be a way for writers and their most dedicated fans to benefit from one another.

I’ll be keeping you posted when it officially opens, but I have to say I am already excited about some of what has been discussed there. Take a few moments to visit the site and see what it’s all about. I suspect a number of you will end up being really interested as well. I’d love to see even more participation at this stage since more input means a better finished set of services.

What are your thoughts?

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