Mother Earth Monday – The First Plank

Flip around your TV until you end up on a show called Preppers. Watch a few episodes and then just shake your head to yourself. I am admittedly a paranoid person in some ways. I keep it in check, but it is there. Any one of the events feared by those on the show could easily occur. Some are more likely than others, but any of them could happen.

I am of the mind that if something is going to bring society to a grinding halt and cause tremendous change, it will be a combination of events rather than a single one. I have previously mentioned the 12 planks of modern survivalism. Today I will be touching on that first plank. How does this tie to Mother Earth Monday? I am of the mind that if you are going to be a survivalist, you have to be in touch with nature. You have to tie your plans into the earth rather than simply hiding out in a bunker with canned food for a few years.

Preppers, the show I mentioned, is full of people who are getting ready for just one major event. Some fear nuclear war, others a plague. Some expect economic collapse and a few even expect zombies will be really happening. Each plans for that single event feverishly. Each seems to forget that while their fear may come true, there might also be some event one of the others fear that instead happens. They get tunnel visioned.

The worst of these was one I remember from a show called Wife Swap. The family was absolutely certain of economic collapse in the year 2012. They were so sure of this happening that they made purchases they couldn’t afford with high interest rates that would not have to start payments until after 2012. I never saw any follow up, but I suspect that family is now living on the street. All of their preparations were great. They had a plan and they followed it, but they forgot one thing. Sometimes what happens is nothing at all.

That is the first ‘plank’ as mentioned in the previous article. Being prepared isn’t crazy, but ignoring the possibility that you fear might never manifest is. Sometimes the unexpected happens. Sometimes the thing you didn’t expect was nothing to happen at all. Don’t bet everything on one horse and don’t get yourself into trouble expecting that something has to occur.

Your preparations should help improve your life and comfort, not strain you to the point of suffering or put you in a bad place. This sort of thinking applies to other aspects of your life as well. Don’t be the person who expects a bonus and buys a new car with the rent money. Be smart. Food for thought anyway.

What are your thoughts?

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