Mother Earth Monday – The 12 Planks of Modern Survivalism

Originally 10, it has been expanded into 12 core principles used as a foundation for deciding how to move forward with concepts of survivalism, but also with basic homesteading or even day to day life. I will not be going into these today in detail, but instead will eventually dedicate a posting or more to each as time goes on.

Today, however, I will at least make you aware of them and give you time to digest their basic natures. I will be paraphrasing these, rather than producing the exact wordings of the original creator, but if you wish, you may find it on their TSP site.

  1. Prepare for everything, including nothing going wrong.
  2. Debt is dangerous and dumb
  3. Produce some of your own food
  4. Pay only what one must in taxes
  5. Store food as an investment
  6. Understand the nature and likelihood of disasters
  7. Green Energy is about independence
  8. Own land and make it work for you
  9. Utilize pragmatic preparations
  10. Have a means of defense
  11. Have full documentation ready
  12. Develop a personal plan.

These points are useful as more than survival in unusual circumstances, they are also good ways to live your life in general. Number 2 especially is a matter I can go on about in grave detail. Number 7 is one I have said for a long time, since way too often people try to hang guilt around your neck to convince you to ‘go green’ when really it is far more convincing to just point out how it affects you directly instead of some far-off species of animal or plant that may or may not be something a person cares about.

Each of them has a place in the overall picture and each is something that by understanding, is likely to make you more earth-conscious by default.

What are your thoughts?

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