Mother Earth Monday – Stories of the Blackfoot Tribes

Native to Northern America, the Blackfoot Confederacy (Niitsítapi) were a nomadic grouping of four tribes. Three were in what is now Canada and one was in Montana of the US. With the arrival of the Europeans, they quickly expanded to overtake many of their neighbors. I could expand on them, but I won’t. If you find yourself interested after today’s posting, why not look into them in greater detail.

I ran across this on youtube and thought it would be something interesting for my readers. Native Americans were heavily tied with the world around them. Daily life and spirituality were tightly connected to the earth. Not every tribe of course, but a great many of them. Today, I offer you three audio-book portions of a collection of the Blackfoot stories. These stories are often interesting and give insights into the mindset and values of the people who originally told them. Enjoy.

What are your thoughts?

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