Fiction Friday – 5 Scary Stories in 2 Sentences

I read a series of scary stories in two sentences recently that I really liked. I thought I would try my hand at seeing if I could also use such brevity to tell something powerful. This ultra short flash fiction can be really interesting if used properly and I hope you enjoy. If you follow my twitter feed, I am including a sixth two sentence story there.

  1. The smell of cooking meat drew me back to reality. In that moment between distance and awareness, I just briefly forgot I was what was cooking.
  2. The dog woke me licking my face, so I shoved it aside and rolled away. My eyes opened as I was licked again only to see her dog cowering in the other corner of the room.
  3. She was giggling especially loud today. What does a dead girl find so funny?
  4. All she really wanted was a bath to wash away the mud. Her family ran screaming when her corpse shambled through the door.
  5. Swatting him for rubbing her thigh, she grumbled, “I said I have a headache.” In response he only snored.

What are your thoughts?

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