Game Chef Finalist


Where has that darned author been? Well aside from a week long power outage, I’ve been a bit pre-occupied with the day to day thing the last little bit. Still, that isn’t what I am writing about today. Instead, I am letting you all know that I have been selected among the finalists in the 2015 Game Chef! What does that mean? Well it means out of 116 English entries, spread across multiple countries, I and 11 others made games that garnered enough attention that they now go before a panel of judges. The judges will select one winner for all of the English-speaking world. That one winner then has a chance to win the international title as well.

Do I expect to win, yes and no. I think I have a good idea and a decent execution. That said, there are 11 other games and at least some of them I consider very solid. Still, even just having made it into the finals is a huge honor and a validation of my game design abilities. Considering how little time there is in the competition, I am well aware that the system needs more work. Still, the system is surprisingly solid and I think that went a long way to drive it into the finalists ring. Since it made it into the finals, regardless of how it does, I am going to take the time to add a bit more polish to the game. The expanded version will then be placed on my website once I have had the chance to do this. Keep an eye out for when it appears there!

What are your thoughts?

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