Fiction Friday – Writing Exercise 1

Today is similar to a writing prompt, but instead of a complete work of fiction, it is a single block of a larger whole. Part of good writing is being able to describe what you want the reader to see in a clear manner. It is also about taking things that are very real and finding ways to put them into your fiction in ways that aren’t immediately recognizable to someone unfamiliar with the source of your idea. I am going to provide a picture and you should attempt to describe it as clearly as possible.


If you are curious, it is a shaved bear. With that in mind, you aren’t allowed to call it that. You have to treat your description as it might be seen by someone utterly unfamiliar with bears. Maybe someone who had lived in a remote place or maybe this isn’t a bear at all, but instead some fantasy monster. Whatever the case, flex your creativity in ways that express clearly what you are seeing. You want the reader to be able to immediately say “That’s it!” if they are shown a picture after the description. For the artistic (you know, like your cover artist just as an example) they need to be able to read what you have written and recreate something fairly close to the original picture.

Good luck and enjoy!

What are your thoughts?

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