Fiction Friday – 5 More Scary Stories in Two Sentences


“A vegetarian; so you aren’t going to eat me?”
The dragon scoffed, “Of course not, you’re much better applied as fertilizer.”

“I’m sure this will be a great dinner with so many stunning ingredients, but where’s the meat for the main course?”
His gaunt neighbor exposed yellowed teeth in a smile, “Oh it’s here, I just don’t want to add it until the last minute.”

“Mom says if I keep eating them so quick, I’m going to choke,” He stuffed a handful of the milk balls into mouth and spoke around chews. “but they’re just so tasty.”
The boney figure in the hood received a puzzled look when he responded, “I suppose you should have listened to her warnings.”

He knew he had died and now stood in front of a blazing light that drew him in.
“I’m going to a better place.” was the last thing he thought before the jaws snapped shut and the light was extinguished.

Hanging by his fingers from the top of the building, Joey couldn’t stop thinking about how often he’d ruthlessly tormented the old bum.
Fingers white with pressure against the handle of the hammer, the old man couldn’t stop thinking about it either.

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