Time to Upgrade

Years later, I am nearing the edge of the server space on my current level of web hosting. Since I have a fully developed web page and blog, not bad. Especially considering that this is post 338. What makes that more impressive is that it is through the free hosting level of my provider.

Sure, there have been some hiccups. Overall, though, that’s a pretty impressive feat. I find myself at a point where I now have to choose if I am going to break one of my rules or not. I have not sold a story for a while and have stepped away from ghostwriting. It has my writing coffers low. That would be unmentionable to most authors.

After all, I have a day job. The cost of expanding my hosting is low. Less than 3 dollars per month gets me so much space it will be a decade before I need to increase again. The issue is that I have set a rule for myself that helps keep me motivated. All of my writing has to pay for itself.


Printer cartridges, computer programs, web hosting, etc. They all come from the profits of my writing. To me, it keeps my mind from treating it like a hobby. It is a job. A job that has to pay for itself. If it doesn’t, it isn’t a job.

So now I ask myself if I should pick up a little ghost writing again for the quick cash it offers. Should I break my rule and draw money from the rest of my life to use here? If I do, is it going to make it so much easier later to do the same thing on something less important? Oh, it’s just a few pencils. Oh, it’s just a pack of paper.

I don’t want to break my rules, I have decided. That leaves two options. I ghostwrite or I simply wait until my finds have raised enough to cover the cost of extending my hosting. I haven’t decided which one is the right choice. I’m not sure there is a right choice. I suppose I should just be happy that there isn’t a wrong one either.

What are your thoughts? Should I go ahead and do the ghostwriting or wait it out for the next flush of funds?

What are your thoughts?

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