Thoughts on Fiction Friday

I am three stories deep into the serial flash fiction and I have to say it is turning out far more difficult than I had imagined it. Writing flash fiction has been a good exercise for me, improving my ability to write with brevity and making each word count. That in itself is a challenge for me at times.

Add to that the fact that each flash fiction has to work as a stand-alone story at the same time as being part of a larger whole. Then throw in a need for every individual story to end with a meaningful ending and it creates a very tricky situation. The first was simple enough. The second story was a bit harder and this last was really quite difficult.

I hope that trend does not continue. Even so, I do realize that the third in the serial flash fiction ended up almost being a slice of life story rather than anything compelling. Hopefully installment four will have a bit more drive to it.

So why am I bringing all of this up? Just to give insights in what is going on in the background. I haven’t been getting any comments, so I don’t know how well everyone is enjoying the story(s) so far, but I will see it through to the end regardless.

As I have said previously, once I have the main story arc finished, I will write a few extra flash fictions to serve as side-plots and release the whole thing as an e-book. The side-book will be the only way to read the side story, just so you are aware. Most likely it will be a 99 cent release and my first experiment with e-book writing.

What are your thoughts?

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