polar pure iodine disinfectant

The Return of Polar Pure

You might remember that I was mourning the loss of Polar Pure some time ago. You may also remember me noting how could help see it returned to its former glory.

I went to go check recently and discovered they have once again returned to their former glory! Back up and running with full approval, you are once again able to buy polar pure. If you found yourself wanting some after reading my previous post, head on over to PolarPureWater.com and pick up a bottle.

I’d managed to procure one last bottle during the period that they were off of shelves. Even so, I’ll likely go over and pick up a dozen now. After all, Christmas is around the corner and I have quite a few hiking friends who might enjoy getting a bottle.

Anyway, I wanted to update you on this development. Seems that the push to get more people actively protesting helped. Let me know in the comments if you’re as excited as I am.

What are your thoughts?

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