Mother Earth Monday – Go take a walk

Notice I didn’t say go take a hike. I don’t expect the average person to manage to accomplish a life changing hike like I did in 2006. What I am talking about is more local. Go take a walk in your town. Pick a random direction and just go. Just half an hour at a comfortable pace in some direction then half an hour back. Do this every day that the weather allows, but pick new directions each time. Pretty soon, you will become intimately familiar with what is in your little part of town.

You might find yourself amazed at just how many things you can go by every day and never once notice. There can be amazing things close to home that you would never have known were there. Even better, those little walks will go a long way towards keeping you healthy and raising your overall energy levels. Best of all, you might find that you can access certain things without the need for gas.

Maybe there is a corner store where you can pick up small things you need while you are out. Perhaps you can find a wonderful park to take the kids. I’ve lived in places where I could even go get groceries on a walk by bringing along a pair of reusable bags. An hour a day isn’t going to break you down, but it just might pay for itself in spades. So, like I said: Go take a walk.

What are your thoughts?

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