Mother Earth Monday – Finding the Time


It seems like the older I get, the harder it is to make time for the outdoors on a level that is satisfying. A lot of it is the simple nature of growing older meaning you have more responsibilities. Jobs eat a lot of our time and limit how freely we can go on trips to our favorite places. Spouses and children require a substantial amount of time that is happily given, but does still eat a lot of the free reign we used to have. If you visit friends with any regularity, that too can take up what little free time you might have.

I’d love to go out hiking and backpacking once a month at minimum like I used to do, but these days it seems like any trip of substance is once every three at best. I’d love to sit here and type out the perfect answer to the situation, but to be honest, it is one I am still struggling with regularly. Finding the time to be outdoors between my writing, my newest day job, family, and friends has proven difficult.

For myself, I’ve had to settle for short walks of an hour or two through the wooded trails near where I currently live. It isn’t as immersive as I might like, but it is at least something. I really wish I did have an answer. All I can say is to find your wilderness where you can. Find green things and spend what time you can afford among them. Even if that just means twenty minutes in the park. Just my opinion of course, but if you’re anything like me, those green places go a long way towards keeping your sane.

What are your thoughts?

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