I am back!

Whatever is wrong with the system seems to have partially resolved. I am having some very odd glitches, but I can log in again, so that is important. I plan to once again be posting regularly. For those of you who have continued to check loyally, thank you. For those who have given up, I hope you are pleased by the growth of content at whatever time you end up returning. Rest assured, that I will post information about any decisions on my blogging here on the blog. That means you will know if I do indeed ever decide to stop posting entirely.

On a side note, if spam-bots are any indication, I seem to be getting easier to find on the net. When I started I only got one or two every day or so. It now seems to be roughly 10 to 15 per day instead. I will post later this evening on the proper topic of Writer Wednesday. Until then, it is good to be back. Now to go clean out the spam in my comment in-box.

What are your thoughts?

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