Fiction Friday – Writing Prompt 11

You may recall that December last year I put forward a writing prompt based on the ghost story aspect of the Christmas season. This year, I thought it would be interesting to do one based on another half-forgotten holiday tradition.




Krampus was at one time commonly understood as a counterpoint to Santa. Where Santa left presents for good children, Krampus was the punisher of the naughty. His appearance was often described as heavily furred (brown or black) with cloven hooves and goat horns. His tongue is long and pointed, and often he is depicted with chains and birch switches. Some depictions even show him with a sack or tub to cart away the worst children.

In some cultures he is darker than in others. Some have him acting as a counterpoint to Santa so that he delivers the coal and switches and Santa only focus’ on gifts. Other cultures have him drowning or devouring the naughtiest children. Time to bring him into an unusual Christmas story.

The Rules

  • You are not limited in genre, so don’t feel trapped into a horror with this.
  • Your story must use Krampus as a central figure. Protagonist or Antagonist.
  • You must use no less than 200 words and no more than 2000.
  • If you include Santa, it can’t be as an obvious conflict with Krampus. (IE: Ninja Santa isn’t here to cut him apart for trying to do his thing.) There may be conflict between them, but do be subtle about it.
  • The work must be finished by Christmas morning.

What are your thoughts?

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