Fiction Friday – Writing Prompt 1

I wracked my brain as to what would be best for Fiction Friday’s first post. I have finally decided on a writing prompt. Something to get your mind going on a little bit of science mingled into a high-seas style pirate setting. After realizing my battery on the computer had not charged, (I might have failed to plug it in.) this very nearly didn’t manage to happen on Friday. As I type this intro, there is literally 4 minutes left in the day here.


You are free to run with it as practice for writing of your own. If you end up with something you like well enough to publish, just pull my section out and replace it with something of your own. In fact, let me know as well. I would love to see what comes of this. I might even end up doing something with this at some point in the future.


The Prompt
None of this seemed right to Jacob. The bag of coins in his hands bore ancient symbols and appeared to be gold, but the weight seemed wrong to him. It was far to light for as many coins were here. Slipping a hand into the bag, they were heavy and solid enough not to be hollow. Still, it should be at least three times as heavy as it felt if he was measuring right.
“Payment in full for your share of the treasure.” Zan tugged at his beard, feeling the need to clarify matters at Jacob’s obvious hesitation.
Something was definitely wrong if Zan wasn’t complaining about the size of the cut. Drawing out a single coin, Jacob studied it more closely. It certainly looked like the coins they had hauled up. Only one way to be sure. Digging into his pocket, he withdrew the single coin he had taken before. Side by side, they were nearly exact copies of one another.
Zan’s eyes grew wide as the original coin came into view and grabbing for his rapier, began to draw. Brass, the color was brass, not gold. It had seemed gold without the real thing beside it, but now there was a clear comparison to show the minor difference.
“And to think I believed that zink powder was going to be used for explosives.” Jacob’s own rapier came out just in time to parry. “I expected a mutiny, not a forgery.”
“You’re too smart for your own good Ol’ Blue.” The focus on the first half of the  familiar term for Jacob wasn’t lost on him despite a series of thrust and parry motions..
“And you always thought you were smart enough to match wits. If your sword hand is as slow as your mind, I should have a very easy fight ahead.” He lunged, testing his foe more than expecting his blade to strike true…

What are your thoughts?

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