Fiction Friday – Writing Exercise 2


It’s been a while since the first one of these and I wanted to give a little challenge. Since these run similar to a Writing Prompt post, you get bonus points for managing to make today’s exercise into a full story within the word limit. If I had thought about it, Writing Prompt 9 would have instead been Writing Exercise 2, but no sense in dwelling on the past other than to ensure avoidance of mistakes in the present.

The inspiration for this exercise comes from Gadsby, not to be mistaken with The Great Gadsby. Published almost a century ago, it was actually a lipogram. The entire novel is 50,000 words without ever using the letter E.

Most impressive is that E just happens to be the most common word in the entire English Language. It was no small feat to make something at all readable with such constraints.

Guess what, It’s your turn. Write a quality scene using only words that don’t have the letter E in them. More power to you if you can manage it as a self-contained story, but if not, that’s fine. You have a minimum of 500 words, maximum of 800. Good luck.

What are your thoughts?

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