Fiction Friday – Serialized Flash Fiction

I know I typically post something more along the lines of fiction itself on Friday, but I wanted to take a moment today and put a few of my thoughts out there on the future of Fiction Friday on my blog.

Since starting a regular schedule of writing here, I have found Friday to be my most frustrating day. The reason is that when I am writing fiction of various sorts here, I keep feeling like I should be finishing one of my short stories or novel. Silly of course, but it is what it is.

One thing I have been considering is a serialized flash fiction set. I have a few story ideas that I was never quite able to make feel right for various reasons. As I have thought about it more and more, I realize they could make interesting challenges for me to improve my writing skills by making them into a series of flash fictions that all tie together.

The idea is that each would be its own ‘chapter’ of a larger story, while also being a self-contained story under 500 words in length. If it works out, I would later assemble the finished product as an e-book for sale along with a few extra flash fiction chapters to make it worth buying for those who already follow my posts.

I am not sure how well it will work though and it may in the end be a complete flop. Regardless, it seems like a good exercise for me to improve my writing and feel like Fiction Friday is a part of my useful routine rather than something pulling my attention away from more paying projects.

Starting next week, I will begin a serialized flash fiction and in subsequent weeks there will be an expansion of the serial fiction. I will work out a title system for these so that if I do other works in between parts of the series, it will be clear that those works are a divergence.

I hope you who read this blog will find the exercise to be entertaining. Feel free to comment if you have thoughts on the matter. I leave comments open on almost all of my posts and welcome input and civil discussion.

What are your thoughts?

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